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Hello, fellow followers of the metal furry community, I have returned with some good news. I have two semi-new CDs to review (I say semi-new because while they are new to me, they have been out for a while, one has been out for two years while the other has been out about a decade), and I can't wait to dive right into them. So, let's get started with one I really didn't think about purchasing, but did anyway since I thought it would look good to my ever growing collection.

Recently, I've had this influx to buy Slipknot lately. I don't know what it was, maybe it was because I was growing tired of hearing the same "All Hope Is Gone" CD for almost two years now, and probably because I had some intense anger to a fursuit company that told me a lie, but I really had to get some new material with Slipknot. Now, I know that Slipknot has released a bonus "All Hope Is Gone" album with three bonus tracks, those of which I've already heard, and for now, I'll turn down because that's just three tracks, and three tracks does not a re-released album make...for me anyway. That's more like a single album instead of an actual album.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I got Slipknot's Vol 3-The Subliminal Verses. To be honest, I found the title to be quite ironic, since I didn't really find anything "subliminal" about it. However, the sound of this album is sheer enjoyable. Really, the only reason why I bought that album a few weeks ago was because of the need to have the song "Before I Forget". The music video is a rare one, the band plays their song without the masks (but you don't see their full faces...quite honestly pretty cool). The album, like I've already mentioned, is a good one.

But, two weekends ago, upon a trip to FYE, I denied myself walking out empty handed. I really only went to look my first Moonspell CD and my Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired By The Warriors CD, but both of them, the store lacked, so, I was one pretty pissed off wolf. A store does not a company make when you can't even keep up with your website! Please! So, while there, I browsed the Slipknot section (a hefty section, I must admit compiled with CDs and DVDs out the yin-yang), and found one colorful little cover to enlighten my senses just a bit. This CD called "Iowa". Never had I ever purchased an album with the name of a state! But, I'll give Corey Taylor props on that, so I assume the name came from where the band came from before hitting it big. I look to the back, and I find a glorious title that should have been moved to "Vol 3-The Subliminal Verses" called "People=Shit". Recently, this has been a song that I find quite unlike Slipknot's recent sound. It's really more hardcore than today! Quite honestly, could their past have been better than their present? I digress.

I purchased the album, and on the way home, I heard the album. The album starts out with a great introduction called "515" which I have to wonder where the number came from (area code...maybe), but the screaming, almost deep breathing voice in this song almost scares me if I should ever head to YouTube and look for a video with this song played backwards! Several of the songs on this album are like that. They have this mach-backwards style of vocals that sounds like breathing, and that, is just one thing I love about this album. Aside from the bright colorful album art, the mach-backwards vocals are sheer exciting.

Then you get into the hardcore part of the CD with songs like "People=Shit", "Disasterpiece" and on throughout the rest of the album. I don't know what happened to Corey Taylor's voice over the timeframe that this CD was released on up to today when "All Hope Is Gone" remains a top Slipknot CD, but I really loved Corey Taylor's screaming in this album. It really sounded more hardcore than all the other albums I've heard so far.

At the end of the album, what I call, a "Pink Floyd like" song is heard (a long track suffice to say), named "Iowa". It starts out quiet, but the song gets louder, faster, and Corey Taylor's vocal style of screaming comes back near the end. And, I say Pink Floyd like because the song lasts 15:00+ mins. However, I will say it is quite a good song and the fact that it's long, it makes the album just that more worth it.

So, I bought the Slipknot album entitled "Iowa" and I'm real fascinated with it. My needs for Slipknot have been appeased, my anger as well because I've changed companies with a look to my opened mind, but my need to get some other music was not. So, upon coming home from FYE two weeks ago, I was promised an online CD of my choice from Amazon. Look at it like revenge on my behalf towards FYE. Technically, there's so much out there for me at Amazon that I want, I've got some Dimmu Borgir I would absolutely love ("Death Cult Armageddon" being right up there), and Moonspell's "Wolfheart" is certainly another. My mentality thought "Okay, let's weed out those that are current, that we don't have to worry about, and that way, I can focus on the rare material or the older material". So, I scratched off the Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired By The Warriors for now, and I also scratched off Moonspell's "Wolfheart" since it was only 4 years old. My next decision was "who really is more important to me?" Well, I know Dimmu Borgir is important to me, because I'm just now getting to know this band. "Abrahadabra" was a good way to go, since it was their newest, and "In Sorte Diaboli" was as well because I love the songs "The Serpentine Offering", "The Sacreligious Scorn", "The Heretic Hammer" and "The Invaluable Darkness". I can cross Dimmu Borgir off the list since I'm still listening to them, and I, for right now, only want "Death Cult Armageddon" for the song "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse".

In the end, only one band stood out, and thus, my mind was sold. HIM. I was short one album that came out from under my nose a few months ago, that being "Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice", and another, a all remixed album called "SWRMXS". Well, the problem was, I already own "Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice". In fact, there was no problem. I was now sold on buying "SWRMXS".

Well, through a few days of trying times, I finally got my CD today. I went out to the mailbox and find a small box in the back. I came inside, sat at my mom's stereo system and enjoyed the sounds of HIM on a more remixed scale.

I'm going to say this once. This is a HIM CD not for the faint HIM fan. This is unlike HIM's music because while it does "acronym" out to "Screamworks: Remixes", this is just the previous Screamworks album just with all the songs being remixed.

So, my thoughts on this? Well, this is certainly not my first remixed CD. In fact, devoted fans to Linkin Park, you may know Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington did an album in their early years called "Reanimation". This was a remixed album of their previous work from "Hybrid Theory". "Reanimation" also had a few songs that weren't on "Hybrid Theory" songs like "My December", and "High Voltage". However, this CD is quite different. While the songs and the remixes can be compared to the likes of Linkin Park's "Reanimation" on the fact that it IS a remixed album, the sound is certainly different from the two. Popularity can be differed as well...in the sense that Linkin Park is more American and HIM is Finnish. 

Upon playing this album, I will say I've already heard every remix possible from this CD, all 11 remixes, and I must say, this is truly quite different from HIM's music. I've heard differing opinions left and right about how it was a must have for every HIM fan, and how the sound just didn't quite match HIM's style of love metal. I must agree with those that hate this album because this is one album that just doesn't quite match its previous work. I'm used to Ville Valo pouring his heart out into every lyric he reads, not this, pardon the way I put this, but not this shit. Computers and technology take up nearly the entire album. What I would have expected from Skrillex! It's music, but there comes a time when every vocalist has to stop and ask the question "wait a minute, what am I doing? Is this a good idea? How will my fans react to this new sound since they're so used to hearing what I originally do?" However, am I going to say I completely hate the album? Not entirely. I've been wanting this CD to add to my collection, and I will admit, some of the remixes are quite catchy. "Ode To Solitude" is possibly one of my favorites, along with "In Venere Veritas", "Shatter Me With Hope", "The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness", and "Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)".

So, for now, I'll give the album two thumbs up, but with one thumb leaning towards being sliced off. It really is a good album SWRMXS is, but I don't know...it will be interesting to see just how Ville Valo creates his music after this. If he can create a good album that stems from his previous work, hell, maybe even fall in line with how dark "Venus Doom" was, I will certainly be very tempted to go up to him and give Valo a pat on the back. However, I am not tempted to give up in him yet. This was certainly effort on his part, and the album is an okay one, but be prepared if you want it. HIM fans will be surprised, if they haven't already.   
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17 March 2012 @ 09:33 pm
Oh Dear dead god it's been a while since I've done an update on music, so I've decided to do one tonight.

Weeks ago, and when I mean weeks, I'm along the lines of January (a day after my furthday...January 5th...so...January 6th), I went out and picked up my second Five Finger Death Punch Album "The Way Of The Fist". This was their first album, but for me, this is my second, lined with "War is the Answer". Short and simple, this is nothing short of awesome. The way the album starts with the song "Ashes" and concludes with a bonus track called "The Bleeding-Acoustic Version", I never saw anything short of weak in this album. I love "Ashes" ,"The Way Of The Fist", "The Bleeding", "White Knuckles", "Meet The Monster", and "Never Enough". I think this album though failed with the acoustic version of "The Bleeding" because it strayed away from the entire album, sound and energy wise. When I heard it after a few times, I kind of thought this song turned the entire mood down from the way the album started. Still a great album.

Then weeks later, I went out and purchased a CD from little ol' "THE NINE!" Fuck yeah, I'm talking about the maggots, SLIPKNOT! Why I didn't discover this band earlier is a shame, because I love their thrashing sound today, even without Paul Gray and Corey Taylor (vocalist left to do work with that...eh...slightly weaker group called Stone Sour). I got the album "Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses" I was relatively shocked to see that "Duality" was on this album (I never saw the album on the internet before actually going out and making that purchase...I do research before I buy to make sure I know what I want to get), but wasn't surprised to see "Vermillion" on this album. I only wanted the album for one song..."Before I Forget". I have been, and will probably always be addicted to the music video, so after seeing the video one day, I decided this album had to be mine. So, I've got it now, I've listened to it a few times to get a real in-depth analysis of this album, and to be honest, I kind of like this album better than I do my first ever album by Slipknot, that being "All Hope Is Gone". However, I did note that the style of music has somewhat changed since the two albums, and time passing by, might have to deal with why I like "Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses" in comparison to "All Hope Is Gone". 

While out, I got my hands on a "wild card". Recently, my younger cousin,  not necessarily saying she coerced me into starting to listen to him, suggested this artist for me that wasn't so necessarily metal. I've done quite a bit of research on him, and when I saw that he did "Reptile's Theme" from Mortal Kombat, I thought to myself, "Maybe I do need to go out on a limb and purchase an album just to see what his album projects sound like, aside from his side projects". Maybe you know him...maybe you don't...but my wild card was Skrillex. Hearing "Reptile's Theme" in my head for a couple of days, made me go out and get "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites". Got to be honest...Dubstep music may have a separate place in my library, but this certainly is one that goes into my compilation of metal albums. The music is nothing short of music. You can call it shit if you want, I hear it all the time with all Pop and Top 25, but this is certainly something I'm going to have to hear more often. It's a rather short album, but I still love it. It's something my fursona Lai' Zer enjoys (my raver fursona...in case no one knows). 

And, to wrap this up, I got myself two more items this past week. A Slipknot poster with the updated mask art of the entire band, now on my wall next to my computer, and my last album...one of the last HIM albums I'm going after..."Deep Shadows and Brillant Highlights". Anyone who owns "Uneasy Listening Vol 1 or Vol 2, or even Greatest Hits album released in 2007, somewhere around there, knows that some of the songs on "Deep Shadows and Brillant Highlights" are on these albums, either just as they are, or a bit remixed. I've got to be honest, it looks good in my collection, but some of the songs are okay. Some even need work. "Salt In Our Wounds" for one thing, doesn't even sound right. I think the version on Uneasy Listening Vol 1 is a better way to go because it has that deep feeling, where as this version on "Deep Shadows and Brillant Highlights" sounds as if it completely strays away from the traditional sound. It does mellow out into the sound it was before near the middle of the song, especially in the chorus, but this song just doesn't sound quite like HIM material. I will say that "Lose You Tonight" is simply awesome. The remixed version on Uneasy Listening Vol 1 could stand a bit of work, but in comparison with my new album, the deep vocals of Ville Valo near the end are one to tear your hearts out to. His tone reaches so deep that in "Love You Like I Do" it's almost as if he has no end to his lower tones. "Don't Close Your Heart" is really where I would love to see HIM go with their music. This is the basic HIM sound that fans really thrive for.

*deep breaths* So, there you have it. Personally, I'd say "The Way Of The Fist" is an album that should be in all metal furs' library, Slipknot's "Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses" is the best of Slipknot, Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" is a good way to go when you look for some sort of sound that may stray away from metal, and HIM's "Deep Shadows and Brillant Highlights" is simply one CD every starting HIM fan, and every die hard HIM fan must have.   
26 December 2011 @ 08:05 pm

I'm back from the hectic holidays, ready to update what I just happened to get my paws on this Christmas.

Recently, this band has been on my mind. Mushroomhead. I know they've had it out with Slipknot (similar to Nine Inch Nails with Marylin Manson), but I decided to give this band a try for myself. Granted, the band isn't new, but to me, it's one of the new groups I've been introduced to.

So a couple of weeks ago, I went out and purchased Mushroomhead's "Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children". I didn't get a chance to listen to it yet, being that it was a Christmas gift, but after listening to it yesterday, falling in love with the songs "Come On" and "Harvest The Garden", I'd say this is a great band to have. I'd especially say that to the other songs like "Sun Doesn't Rise" and "Simple Survival". I really like this group, for they have a sound completely unlike Slipknot. I could easily tell a difference between Slipknot and Mushroomhead, aside from the masks...that's way too easy. The sound is completely different. It's almost as if Mushroomhead has more technological sound rather than instrument sound like Slipknot. It's rather intriguing why many have argued Mushroomhead VS Slipknot. Please provide insight as to what this is about if you can, since I've only begun with these two bands, and I want to know as much as I can about them both.

Another CD that hasn't been on my mind as much is another His Infernal Majesty (HIM) CD called "Razorblade Romance". I've labeled this a must-have for any starting out HIM fan. This CD is what really put them on the map with their greastest hits album "And Love Said No". Many of the songs on "Razorblade Romance" just happen to be on the greatest hits album, for example "Gone With The Sin", "Poison Girl", and "Join Me In Death". But what caught me by surprise was the songs I actually haven't heard before. One song notably was "Razorblade Kiss". I really love this song for the humming intro and humming chorus. Then there was the "I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)" song I have heard before...but only the remix version. I think the deep chorus is simply to die for...literally.

So, metal heads and furry heads alike...what do you think of these two albums. If you've got either one or both (Mushroomhead's "Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children" or HIM's "Razorblade Romance"), comment on what you think on these two albums.

Well, this weekend has been certainly a blast for me, and I can't say metal didn't have a part in it.

I went out this weekend and finally got my paws around Disturbed's latest album, the B-Side album called "The Lost Children" and I also picked out something new for my archive that's been on my radar for the past few years, that being Nine Inch Nails "The Downward Spiral".

Most of the time when I pick up a much anticipated CD that I've been hearing about and waiting for, I'll get it, listen to it on the way home, and then do a review about it. However, I actually waited until getting home yesterday to listen to it...since there were a total of 16 tracks on The Lost Children, which is what I'm going to review first.

I think the CD is great. Disturbed churned out lots of great B-Sides in the past few years, and fans have really been wanting to have Disturbed come out with a B-Side collection. When news broke that Disturbed WAS going to come out with such a thing, I couldn't help but wonder, "Did David Draiman (the vocalist) hear us out". Maybe he did...or maybe he just saw another opportunity to produce a stellar album. I was really rocking to the CD right from the first track to the last. Any Disturbed fur is going to want this. It's great to have in any collection 'cause I think it's great to listen to what Disturbed had back then, in comparison to today's (for example, "God Of The Mind", with "3"). Two completely different sounds, but still a Disturbed style.

The other CD was probably one that I think is a good start for anyone looking to know who Nine Inch Nails is. "The Downward Spiral" is a great album for me, since I really love the songs "Heresy" and "Closer". The packaging was the only thing I have a problem with. I first tore off the usual plastic, but then had to struggle with the box (not case), slide the CD case out of it's box only to find the lyrics plop in my lap. What's even wierder about this was the fact that the CD, when opened, is faced...downward...not upward. I thought this was a unique little twist to all CDs, but still didn't understand why the Lyrics had to be separate from the CD itself. It makes sense, now that I think about it, to have the CD facing downward (being that the album is indeed The Downward Spiral, the cover art on the said CD is a spiral) and to have the lyrics to be placed inside the box alone. But nonetheless, a great album to have, the sound is clearly that of a younger Nine Inch Nails, and Trent Reznor. The music itself isn't that hard to understand (although one would believe after reading the lyrics that it's all based sexually...when it isn't), but one really has to listen with an open mind.

Overall, I'd say the Disturbed B-Side album "The Lost Children" and Nine Inch Nails' "The Downward Spiral" are both must haves. If you would like to leave your opinion on said albums, feel free to. Comment here on what you think the albums sound like. Do you think Disturbed was heading down the right path to include an all B-Side album? Did Trent Reznor's album, "The Downward Spiral" define his style of music? What do you think?  
I saw this on YouTube a few minutes ago, and it nearly made me sick.

Okay, there is only so far one can go before one can really tick me off with music. But when you try to remake a song that defined a band as what they are today, then not only have you got big shoes to fill, but you really have to think about the audience you have to appeal to, and think about what others have heard in the past.

I got on YouTube today and saw that this channel that I've subscribed to, well known for the Linkin Park mixes I like, tried (and I do say tried) to remix the song Pink Floyd-Another Brick In The Wall.

Going into metal, I really loved to hear Pink Floyd, and still love to! But when it came to hearing what I heard, a remix to this, that I will leave at the end of this post, I nearly thought Pink Floyd seemed to be screwing up their music. But I was wrong when I found out who remixed it. A dance/electronic remix.  

I've only got but a few problems with this remix, so I guess this is a rant. I don't know who screwed with the mind that thought to remix this song, but honestly, were they trying to remake Another Brick In The Wall pt 1, pt 2, or pt 3? Be formal when it comes to posting what song one remixes.

Secondly, the sound. The sound is a disgrace. Pink Floyd was well known for this song, and it's what made not only the album The Wall famous, but it also made the movie famous, along with the band itself, and the music video was widely famous in the 80s. To me, there is only so far one can go before a remix and remaster becomes a sick mix and a disaster. Linkin Park, for example, was a good band to remake. Why? Linkin Park incorporates a lot of electronics into their music. They are a real demonstration to metal with a DJ sound. Not to mention that Mike Shinoda has worked with well known hip-hop artists that know how the business works with remixing. Remaking their songs wouldn't be that much of a problem, and remixing them would certainly encite me. However, remake a classic rock song to a dance hit, and you mind as well be traveling, as Pink Floyd puts it "...on thin ice". ironically from the same album, Pink Floyd-The Wall. I just don't see anyone capable enough of remaking a Pink Floyd song into a dance hit. But if you want to, said channel that I found this, why don't you remake One by Metallica to a dance hit and see how many of Metallica's true fans (like me) hate it. And while you're at it, remake Stairway to Heaven by Led Zepplin to a dance hit. Any classic rock or classic metal song or band, should NEVER be remixed. 

Short and simple, there isn't much that I don't like about metal remaking a metal hit. Just ask Korn with they remixed Another Brick In The Wall...Part two I might add, since this remixing channel didn't even bother to leave the full name. Korn did an alright job, but it still isn't like the actual song. I would maybe rate Korn as a distant 1st when it came to remaking this song. Classic Rock songs should never get the remix to dance hits.  

So this is where I have to ask you. What do you think? Do you think Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" should be left alone, and that remixing this song to a dance hit was a mistake? Or, do you think this takes Pink Floyd popularity with their sound to a whole new level, in the degree that it makes them just that more famous? I'm leaving the song at the bottom of the post, but if you have an opinion, feel free to leave it here.

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Folks, I do know how many have heard about this, but if anyone has the album, I dare you, put it on and go to the very last track...track 66.

The ablum?
HIM- Greatest Lovesongs Vol 666.

Yeah it has 66 tracks, with a running time of 66 minutes and 6 seconds (66:06) for those keeping time at home.

Well, last night, I had the guts to play this album all the way to track 66. Now, after "Don't Fear The Reaper" (remade track from Blue Oyster Cult), which is the actual last listed track off this ablum, there is a long moment of silence as the album beings to tick down tracks 10-65. It takes a bit, so trust me, just go ahead and hit the skip forward button a few times.

Once at track 66, press play. It again takes a bit, but what you'll find at the end of the album is something I've never heard before. But thankfully, through the power of YouTube, I found a video on what the song sounds like if one doesn't either listen to HIM, has never heard of HIM, or loves HIM but doesn't quite yet own the album or has never heard of this. Even if you do, here is some listening pleasure for you. Look to bottom of post. 

My opinion on this. Yeah, I've heard some good HIM songs before, but this insturmental is just something I don't feel like I should keep hitting the skip forward button on my stereo. Yeah, it makes sense to make an actual track 66 (I've even heard a rumor that the track was a supposed curse from friends who actually own the album), but honestly, taking this instrumental to the last track, is almost taking it too far. The last time I heard of an album that included a hidden track was Disturbed's Asylum album and the 13th track "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" previously redone from U2. It too, like the HIM song, went unlisted, but when the album is put in, the player shows 13 tracks as oppose to the CD's 12 listed.  

To me, Disturbed's redone work on a U2 song is a great example to a hidden track. Keeps the listener tuned into the CD for anticipation for something good. Not saying that the HIM didn't do the same for me (the anticipation for another track), but the song should be skipped over or just plain stopped at track 9. But if their should be a hidden track, here's something I bet HIM didn't think about. Their song..."Stigmata Diaboli", not an instrumental. "Stigmata Diaboli" is a song that came short after the albums release.  

Again, I have no problems with the instrumental, but the work does sound a bit...eh...like a work in progress. Maybe take out the technical bits from it (the techno sounds), increase the volume of the track, and thus a good example of track 66 as being an instrumental. It's a good instrumental from HIM that has the classic HIM sound, but why make it the last track if I or other listeners are not going to be interested? To end it all. HIM, take your album, take the last track off, and replace it with "Stigmata Diaboli".

That's just my opinion. So what's yours?      

29 September 2011 @ 09:15 pm
I found this a few days ago on my subscriptions page on YouTube. Disturbed had never done an actual song video of the song Hell (which if I'm not mistaken...came after Ten Thousand Fists...I may be wrong but correct me if I am), but I guess this is proof that they are on board for this project.

Again, if anyone hasn't heard, Disturbed has announced that vocalist David Draiman is expected to get married, and the band is expected to release an all B-Side album called "The Lost Children".

Personally, I think the name is great! The name makes the songs sound like they've been hiding away, waiting in the dark to finally show. Well, the internet has cruel ways of getting those myths out, especially when one gets word that a song of this caliber has been released, such as Hell. But then again, I think it's fitting that the band finally come out with an album dedicated to all the B-Side work that they've done. It's not all the songs, 'cause there was a soundtrack to Queen Of the Damned called Forsaken, that was done, but just didn't make it to this album (I think the reason why is because KoRn had rights to it...don't hold me to this, but KoRn and Disturbed did their own versions). Either way, I'm not going to be disappointed by this album, like Asylum. I was eagerly anticipating Asylum, and when I got the album, I enjoyed every bit of it. Fans of Disturbed, I think this is an album you have to buy!

And to prove it (that this isn't a myth but actual fact), I'm leaving the song Hell, that was uploaded by the band themselves...Disturbed-Hell. Notice the art has something to do with the new album and the cover art to the album "The Lost Children" 

25 September 2011 @ 09:07 pm
I'm back with a world of good news! Disturbed is expecting a new album, and band member David Draiman is getting married!

For more information about all this, check out the video I'm leaving in the post.

For now, I'm going to talk about the album that is expected to be released. The album "The Lost Children" is an all B-Side track album that includes tracks such as "Hell", "Living After Midnight", and the dedication song for the West Memphis Three called "3".

Like I said, all information is detailed in the video, but for those that want a compiled list of all the tracks expected to be on the album, pay attention to the end of the video, or scroll down.

The songs are...
A Welcome Burden
This Moment
Old Friend
Leave It Alone
Two Worlds
God Of The Mind
Midlife Crisis
Living After Midnight

The expected release date is Saturday, November 8th 2011.

As for me, well, this wolf can't wait. This is one of my absolute favorite bands, and I'll probably be standing in line for this album. Can't wait to get it and hear it.

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28 August 2011 @ 07:30 pm
Little beknowst of this wolf, he forgot about a band for quite a while now. The band...HIM or His Infernal Majesty if you want to name them correctly.

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the fact that I went to a local store, browsed their selection and found the CD I had been looking for. HIM's Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice. I've been listening to the album for a few months now, and I still think it's a great album. May not be the BEST album that they've done, but I've got to admit, since this is the last one with Sire Records, I think it was only fitting that Sire leave the band with a BANG! And this album did provide that BANG!

But last night, something troubled me. I was browsing HIM's YouTube Channel when I decided to click the link to their website. That being www.heartagram.com If you would love to check out their website, and browse their store like I did, then feel free to do so!

Like I said, the first thing I did was check their store. It doesn't hurt to think early when it comes to Christmas shopping and X-Mas gifts. So I went to their store and saw an album that not only blew my mind, but made me think, "How did I miss this!?"

Yes fursuiters and furries alike, this wolf missed yet another album released in Dec 2010. What exactly is it? 

The album in called HIM: SWRMXS. No need to check spelling on that one, cause it's short for "ScreamWorks ReMiXeS". I left the letters for the acronym title in the actual lengthened name capitalized so that you would maybe understand where the letters came from for the title. The album is just a remixed album from their recent Screamworks album. The same songs are on there, but buyer and listener beware! This album, although sounds nothing like HIM, it is HIM, just with remixes done by professional remixers. I don't have this album yet, but from listening to "In Venere Veritas- Huoratron Remix", I love the sound. This is CERTAINLY an album I'm going to search for. And maybe you should too! Hey, if you already have the album, I want to know what your thoughts on this are. If you have this album, let me know and tell me what your thoughts on this are. I've only heard two songs now, and I can't tell if the rest of the album is going to be like that. And for those that don't know what to expect, if you're a HIM fan or not, try this one. This song is the remix for In Venere Veritas.   

I thought I might want to post this since it's still going on (as of what I know).

Disturbed is going on yet another tour with bands Godsmack, Megadeth and more as they travel the Rockstar Energy Uproar Fest.

I heard this way back in the winter when I first heard of the dates to which they would travel. I was so excited that I almost packed up and left right away. But at the last minute I quickly turned down the thought of going because of many things. For one, I still haven't paid commission on my fursuit yet, but look to do it anytime (that is, if I can get the money).

I want to know. Did Disturbed, Godsmack and Megadeth stop near your hometown? If so, did you go. If they didn't, did you go to a show anyway just for the hell of it?

What am I going to be doing to compensate, well, for the rest of the week, I'm either going to be playing Disturbed or Godsmack on my stereo. It's an alternative to the actual concert itself, but it still isn't as great as the real thing. I do hope that Disturbed comes back soon. That I hope is what my first concert becomes. Yeah, I'm 20 years old and still haven't gone to my first concert because I haven't found the perfect one. February when Disturbed and KoRn toured, it was Music As A Weapon V, and I couldn't go because I had to be at college for a few classes. Today, I couldn't go, because I had to save money.

 Anyway, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll be back most likely next month for an update!

-Shadow (Black Shadow Wolf)