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25 September 2011 @ 09:07 pm
Disturbed's New Projected Album: All B-Side Album  
I'm back with a world of good news! Disturbed is expecting a new album, and band member David Draiman is getting married!

For more information about all this, check out the video I'm leaving in the post.

For now, I'm going to talk about the album that is expected to be released. The album "The Lost Children" is an all B-Side track album that includes tracks such as "Hell", "Living After Midnight", and the dedication song for the West Memphis Three called "3".

Like I said, all information is detailed in the video, but for those that want a compiled list of all the tracks expected to be on the album, pay attention to the end of the video, or scroll down.

The songs are...
A Welcome Burden
This Moment
Old Friend
Leave It Alone
Two Worlds
God Of The Mind
Midlife Crisis
Living After Midnight

The expected release date is Saturday, November 8th 2011.

As for me, well, this wolf can't wait. This is one of my absolute favorite bands, and I'll probably be standing in line for this album. Can't wait to get it and hear it.

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