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29 September 2011 @ 09:15 pm
Disturbed Hell: A Sample Of What's To Come...  
I found this a few days ago on my subscriptions page on YouTube. Disturbed had never done an actual song video of the song Hell (which if I'm not mistaken...came after Ten Thousand Fists...I may be wrong but correct me if I am), but I guess this is proof that they are on board for this project.

Again, if anyone hasn't heard, Disturbed has announced that vocalist David Draiman is expected to get married, and the band is expected to release an all B-Side album called "The Lost Children".

Personally, I think the name is great! The name makes the songs sound like they've been hiding away, waiting in the dark to finally show. Well, the internet has cruel ways of getting those myths out, especially when one gets word that a song of this caliber has been released, such as Hell. But then again, I think it's fitting that the band finally come out with an album dedicated to all the B-Side work that they've done. It's not all the songs, 'cause there was a soundtrack to Queen Of the Damned called Forsaken, that was done, but just didn't make it to this album (I think the reason why is because KoRn had rights to it...don't hold me to this, but KoRn and Disturbed did their own versions). Either way, I'm not going to be disappointed by this album, like Asylum. I was eagerly anticipating Asylum, and when I got the album, I enjoyed every bit of it. Fans of Disturbed, I think this is an album you have to buy!

And to prove it (that this isn't a myth but actual fact), I'm leaving the song Hell, that was uploaded by the band themselves...Disturbed-Hell. Notice the art has something to do with the new album and the cover art to the album "The Lost Children"