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17 March 2012 @ 09:33 pm
Shadow's Newest Music  
Oh Dear dead god it's been a while since I've done an update on music, so I've decided to do one tonight.

Weeks ago, and when I mean weeks, I'm along the lines of January (a day after my furthday...January 5th...so...January 6th), I went out and picked up my second Five Finger Death Punch Album "The Way Of The Fist". This was their first album, but for me, this is my second, lined with "War is the Answer". Short and simple, this is nothing short of awesome. The way the album starts with the song "Ashes" and concludes with a bonus track called "The Bleeding-Acoustic Version", I never saw anything short of weak in this album. I love "Ashes" ,"The Way Of The Fist", "The Bleeding", "White Knuckles", "Meet The Monster", and "Never Enough". I think this album though failed with the acoustic version of "The Bleeding" because it strayed away from the entire album, sound and energy wise. When I heard it after a few times, I kind of thought this song turned the entire mood down from the way the album started. Still a great album.

Then weeks later, I went out and purchased a CD from little ol' "THE NINE!" Fuck yeah, I'm talking about the maggots, SLIPKNOT! Why I didn't discover this band earlier is a shame, because I love their thrashing sound today, even without Paul Gray and Corey Taylor (vocalist left to do work with that...eh...slightly weaker group called Stone Sour). I got the album "Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses" I was relatively shocked to see that "Duality" was on this album (I never saw the album on the internet before actually going out and making that purchase...I do research before I buy to make sure I know what I want to get), but wasn't surprised to see "Vermillion" on this album. I only wanted the album for one song..."Before I Forget". I have been, and will probably always be addicted to the music video, so after seeing the video one day, I decided this album had to be mine. So, I've got it now, I've listened to it a few times to get a real in-depth analysis of this album, and to be honest, I kind of like this album better than I do my first ever album by Slipknot, that being "All Hope Is Gone". However, I did note that the style of music has somewhat changed since the two albums, and time passing by, might have to deal with why I like "Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses" in comparison to "All Hope Is Gone". 

While out, I got my hands on a "wild card". Recently, my younger cousin,  not necessarily saying she coerced me into starting to listen to him, suggested this artist for me that wasn't so necessarily metal. I've done quite a bit of research on him, and when I saw that he did "Reptile's Theme" from Mortal Kombat, I thought to myself, "Maybe I do need to go out on a limb and purchase an album just to see what his album projects sound like, aside from his side projects". Maybe you know him...maybe you don't...but my wild card was Skrillex. Hearing "Reptile's Theme" in my head for a couple of days, made me go out and get "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites". Got to be honest...Dubstep music may have a separate place in my library, but this certainly is one that goes into my compilation of metal albums. The music is nothing short of music. You can call it shit if you want, I hear it all the time with all Pop and Top 25, but this is certainly something I'm going to have to hear more often. It's a rather short album, but I still love it. It's something my fursona Lai' Zer enjoys (my raver fursona...in case no one knows). 

And, to wrap this up, I got myself two more items this past week. A Slipknot poster with the updated mask art of the entire band, now on my wall next to my computer, and my last album...one of the last HIM albums I'm going after..."Deep Shadows and Brillant Highlights". Anyone who owns "Uneasy Listening Vol 1 or Vol 2, or even Greatest Hits album released in 2007, somewhere around there, knows that some of the songs on "Deep Shadows and Brillant Highlights" are on these albums, either just as they are, or a bit remixed. I've got to be honest, it looks good in my collection, but some of the songs are okay. Some even need work. "Salt In Our Wounds" for one thing, doesn't even sound right. I think the version on Uneasy Listening Vol 1 is a better way to go because it has that deep feeling, where as this version on "Deep Shadows and Brillant Highlights" sounds as if it completely strays away from the traditional sound. It does mellow out into the sound it was before near the middle of the song, especially in the chorus, but this song just doesn't sound quite like HIM material. I will say that "Lose You Tonight" is simply awesome. The remixed version on Uneasy Listening Vol 1 could stand a bit of work, but in comparison with my new album, the deep vocals of Ville Valo near the end are one to tear your hearts out to. His tone reaches so deep that in "Love You Like I Do" it's almost as if he has no end to his lower tones. "Don't Close Your Heart" is really where I would love to see HIM go with their music. This is the basic HIM sound that fans really thrive for.

*deep breaths* So, there you have it. Personally, I'd say "The Way Of The Fist" is an album that should be in all metal furs' library, Slipknot's "Vol 3: The Subliminal Verses" is the best of Slipknot, Skrillex's "Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" is a good way to go when you look for some sort of sound that may stray away from metal, and HIM's "Deep Shadows and Brillant Highlights" is simply one CD every starting HIM fan, and every die hard HIM fan must have.