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World of the Furries and Metal

Furs and Metal Journal

Furries with love for metal music
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For Furries that want to rock!
If you haven't been in a community before, then there are some rules that will be appointed here.

1. Posts are going to be monitored to make sure that things don't get out of hand.
2. Please...no flaming (This includes hateful comments to one another, threats, etc.)
3. Everyone has their likes and dislikes (a.k.a opinions), so please comment with an open mind to the subject(s) at hand.
4. Keep it strictly to either the furry fandom, metal, or both. Anything that isn't related will not be allowed.

Since this is just getting started, I'm going to continue working on these so as to ensure that this is a safe, effective community dedicated to all those with the furry metal mindset. When I do come up with any other regulations that I think should be followed, I'll be sure to leave a post that informs of the changes.

But most importantly, have fun with this community. I know sometimes metal gets a bad rap and so does the furry fandom, but when one opens their mind to the good side of things that may seem controversial, then people open their eyes to the world around them and they see that there is nothing really wrong. That something like this is fun. Which is what I would want, and what everyone else would want.